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Behavioral Jedi, Master Strategist, Political Expert,
Communications Guru,  Evolutionary Coach

Dr. Hogan Sherrow is an Evolutionary Anthropologist, who has worked on three continents, studying everything from humans, to grizzly bears, to chimpanzees. He is a Fulbright Scholar with multiple degrees, including a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Yale University, who has managed teams, designed high level strategies, worked with the Secret Service, and been charged by elephants on more than one occasion. When he's not designing unique campaign strategies, helping candidates develop powerhouse branding, leading teams on journeys of discovery in Africa, or helping individuals become the best versions of themselves they can be, he can be found in the woods - camping and hiking with his daughter and two dogs.
Hogan was raised in a small town in Southern Oregon, and developed a deep connection to nature while learning to camp, hunt, and fish. His was a fairly normal childhood. He learned to buck hay, split wood, build fences and appreciate the value of hard work, but there was something more. As Hogan matured it was obvious to his parents, teachers and mentors that he had a special gift for understanding behavior and a unique curiosity about how the world worked. A three sport varsity athlete in high school, Hogan became a leader among his peers and began to understand the importance of teamwork. 

Hogan's university training started at Southern Oregon University in Ashland. From there, he transferred to the University of Oregon, where he earned a BS and MS in Anthropology and was named a Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia. Hogan also began a life-long connection to Africa, where he continues to work today. After completing his first Master's at the University of Oregon, Hogan completed his formal training at Yale University, earning a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Anthropology. After years of studying the evolution of animal and human behavior, Hogan has returned home to the Pacific Northwest, settling in the Rogue Valley. 



"We can improve ourselves through science. We can evolve."


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