Join Dr. Hogan Sherrow on a two week Evolutionary Safari in the heart of Africa! On this five-star, fully guided safari, you'll discover our closest living relatives, our ancestral roots and what it truly means to be human. This safari will be like no other, as you are guided through the volcanic mountains of the Congo rainforest and over the plains of the Serengeti by a world renowned expert on African wildlife and ecology. Dr. Sherrow will introduce you to the people, places and animals of the African continent in a way you have never imagined, and no one else can!




Tap into our deepest ancestry during this once in a lifetime Journey of Discovery!

You Evolving is not just a revolutionary approach to consulting, it is EVOLUTIONARY. Our programs don't just change the game, they change how it is played and who can play it. Using the latest scientific theories and data, we lay the foundation with a deeper understanding of what it means to be human. Whether you are a candidate, working to get elected, a Manager looking to build a better team in business, or just an individual, trying to be your best self, there is one question you need to ask, "Are you ready to evolve?" 


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