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Give Your Campaign an Evolutionary Advantage

As Lee Atwater once observed, perception is reality in American politics, a lesson we at You Evolving take to heart. Combining the latest research in pyschology and human evolution, with over twenty years experience working in local, state, and national politics, our strategies shape perception and change more than the political landscape they evolve politics themselves.
With You Evolving in your corner, you will gain the experience and skills you need to take your political game to the next level. Whether you are a candidate who is new to the "circus" and needs a complete campaign built from the ground up, or a seasoned veteran, who just needs a little something extra to put your over the top, an organization that needs better, or new representation with decision makers, or an elected official that needs strategic consulting, we provide a perspective no other firm can. 
Political Services provided:
Viking CampaignsCampaigns are where the promises of tomorrow and the dreams of today intersect. 
Government Relations - ​​​Government relations provide organizations and businesses the opportunity to interact directly with elected officials, and influence their decision making.

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