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Unparalleled strategies. Powerhouse brands. Impactful messaging.

From military to marketing to political, campaigns are, at their core coordinated actions to achieve a goal. In politics, campaigns are so much more than that. Campaigns are an opportunity for voters to find what they are looking for in their elected officials, and for candidates to listen to, and connect with their constituents. If you, as a candidate focus too strongly on the goal of the campaign, on winning, you will lose out on the deeper experiences of the campaign, and you will most likely lose the campaign itself.   
At You Evolving, we take care of the details of your campaign, while keeping the goal always in our sights so you can reach the full depth of your experience. Whether it's your first time at the circus, or you're a veteran candidate, we will help you reach voters in a way that leaves a real impact on you and them. In this age of hyper-partisan politics, connection is more valuable than ever. Our strategies cut through the tribalism and allow for authenticity to shine.
Dr. Sherrow has worked every part of campaigns at multiple levels; from Communications, to Field, to Fundraising, to Campaign Manager, he has experienced it all. He has even served as liaison with the Secret Service. Dr. Sherrow's speciality is working closely with a candidate or group to identify and amplify their greatest strengths, allowing them to evolve into the best candidate or campaign they can.

Campaign Services Provided:
Strategy: From your narrative to field strategy, we will help you come up with a complete, winning battle plan​ and help you implement it. 
Communications: Communications are, quite simply the most varied and critical department in any campaign. Without a charismatic brand, a powerful message and an effective system for delivering both to the voters, media and stakeholders it is nearly impossible to win. The human mind has evolved to create, tell and listen to stories and at You Evolving we use that to craft powerful messaging that draws audiences in, establishes your narrative and delivers your message. 
Brand development: We use your unique personality, life history and policy positions to develop your brand. Status, influence and power are expressed in different, predictable ways based on aspects of your personal life history. We combine those variables with your policy positions and your personality to build a brand that is uniquely you and resonates with voters. If you are an experienced candidate with an established brand, we will help you refine and amplify it. 

Media relations: Media play a vital role in campaigns. Positive, professional media relations can have a massive impact, amplifying the message of a campaign through earned or free media. The right influx of paid media can put your campaign over the top. At You Evolving we have spent years developing and refining our approach to the media. We know how to get results and how to get you noticed.

Social media: From Facebook to Tik Tok, we can produce social media content that will reinforce your brand and garner views across multiple platforms and demographics.​

Fundraising: Donors are critical components in a campaign. We help you identify the right ones, and cultivate relationships with them.​

Field: A strong field game is essential to winning campaigns at every level. We will make sure your campaign is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.​
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